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Metro Mondego new ticketing system

Metro Mondego Card

- From June 1st, transport tickets will be held by Metro Mondego.
- Delivery of the new Metro Mondego card is free for those who already have the CP card, and you can receive it from May 20th, at the current ticket offices in Lousã-A and Miranda do Corvo and at the SMTUC Store in Portagem.
- The monthly fee for June will be loaded onto the new Metro Mondego card from May 20th.
- In addition to the three ticket offices mentioned above, the monthly fee for the new card can also be charged at the automatic vending machines that will be placed in the following locations: ''Lousã'' Metrobus Station, ''São José'' Metrobus Station and at "Estação Nova".

To purchase the card:
- Official identification document: Identity Card or Passport.
- Provision of the documentation requested when requesting the CP card.

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